residential interior designer

expectation of the clients. With state-of-art design systems and a team of compatible professionals,we deliver unique and creative solutions to every commercial interior designing and interior designing project. Working in a seamless partnership with clients, we develop most creative designs for offices, supermarkets, showrooms, etc. With the passion about our work, we never let the deadlines get better of us. We offer office interior designing, mall interior designers, beauty parlor designing and showroom interior designing services. The commercial interior designing services that we offer include:
Whether designing for high rise interiors or corporate offices,Shritee Ashish has ability and resources to exceed the

Bed room interior designing


Through our intelligent office interior designing services, we are shaping the decor of a company, doesn't matter the size of project or the budget. We believe to utilize the proper office space so that professional surroundings can project progressive style and an image of thoughtful mind. Prior to commissioning, our designers thoroughly understand the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client followed by an in-depth evaluation about the utility and constraints of the given space. This helps us to eliminate unnecessary wastage of labour, time and costs.

Living room interior designing


Whether its about creating classy upscale store or a comfortable supermarket, we design the décor that is just right according to the location or clients' branding strategy. We transform the supermarket and shopping malls into an impressive and eye catching retail location. The interior designing purview includes retail stores, casinos, shopping plazas, restaurants, etc. We create a complete design package that fits the budget and time constraint. Right from embellishing current visual theme and atmosphere of the store to developing an entirely new design theme, our designers work closely with the clients to capture the desired interior decor with preferred theme. Our décor and design capabilities include complete exterior, fascade upgrade, signage design, interior design and theme creation.

Kithchen interior designing


We help clients to create the beauty parlor & salon of their dreams. We are dedicated to create value, reducing risk, solving problems and promoting the business success of their clients. Our beauty parlor designing services include concept development, planning and design. We design beauty parlor to match the ambiance with the environment by using decorative lights and sceneries to provide a perfect look. We apply dramatic use of detailing and impeccable selection of colours and materials to blend functionality and outstanding design.